LDM is Leckhampton's own Document Management application.  It is an efficient and cost effective package designed to give you control of all the documents in your business.

It can help you save time and money

  • LDM will free up that expensive storage space used to contain all of your computer produced documents such as copy invoices, delivery notes and statements etc.
  • It can save you valuable time by reducing the amount of filing required
  • Locating documents for re-printing or e-mailing to customers becomes a quick simple operation
  • LDM can provide a method of effectively storing and managing those drawings, product specifications, Pictures, Videos and CAD files etc. that you have spread across all those different computers
  • LDM can provide a secure and safe environment for your documents.  No accidental deletions and full version control for all documents.

LDM's unique 'Document Linking' system means that multiple related documents can be recalled in a single search.  Imagine searching for an individual Invoice and being able to see the relevant Quotation, Works order and Delivery Note at the same time.