Incorporated in 1980, Leckhampton Computer Ltd has a wealth of experience in providing and developing software systems for a range of industry and service sectors.  As well as being able to adapt our thinking to the specific way your business operates we can also offer suggestions based upon the best of ideas from similar or completely different business models.

Manufacturing and Industrial

Our roots are founded within the manufacturing sector, originally within one of the world’s most prestigious Pottery companies.

In recent years many major projects and on-going support have been provided for Label Printing companies in the Garment industry.  We have helped both local printers and also the world’s largest labelling organisation. (With over 60 production sites around the world)

Other areas of experience include, Waste management and Recycling especially in oil based products.  (This included blending and resale of the resultant product).

Service Industries

We have long provided services for a major Fuel Card company, dealing indirectly with most of the big UK Petrol suppliers. Other sectors include, Accountancy firms, Solicitors, Contract Catering, Insurance brokers, Industrial Estate agencies, Contract Cleaning, Plant Inspection and other ‘Field service’ businesses Consultancy work has been provided both in the UK and the US for a large Travel Agency firm.  We have worked with a major national expanding motor spares company currently with about 70 depots in the UK, providing Stock control, warehousing, distribution and depot management applications. We have written complete systems for fuel oil distributors, Grocery wholesalers and cash and carry organisations.


Over the years we have helped by writing and supporting various charities including  those which collect and second hand furniture for resale at low prices to the needy and also Charities providing shelter for the needy.