Mobile Computing

Leckhampton have made a substantial investment in the field of Mobile Computing. As a result, we have now undertaken work involving developing apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms.
The widespread use of 4G, wifi networks and mifi means that mobile devices can now, more than ever before, be utilised for business purposes.
Any staff whether in or out of the office, visiting clients or working from home can now use tablets and phones to perform useful tasks like checking stock levels or accessing customer account details.
Similarly, they could look up product specifications and manuals, re-print delivery notes or process customer orders.
New information can then be uploaded back into the business systems in real time or later at the user’s convenience.
With Microsoft apps to follow shortly, Leckhampton are very excited to offer our customers the ability to utilise mobile technologies, either in new areas, or as useful extensions to their existing business applications.

Case StudyDealer mobile on iPhone 5

In partnership with DCS Plc we have completed our largest 'Mobile Applications' project to date. This has been the developing of a mobile version of their successful CRM and Engineers package called ’DEALER'.

The job required us to integrate seamlessly with the existing ‘DEALER' system, both from a visual and technical perspective.

The new mobile application allows sales staff and engineers to access appointments, client, product and job information on the move. The integration is such that the user is also able to raise quotations for new work.

When jobs have been completed, the relevant information and orders for new parts or hardware etc. are then automatically posted back into ’DEALER'.

It was a challenging exercise to integrate the mobile technologies into the existing ’DEALER' framework, but the results have been excellent.


If you think an app like Dealer Mobile would benefit your business, please contact us to arrange a demo or for more information.